I Am Campaign

"I AM" is a design and thought exploration about a person's identity. 


I Am_Joe copy.jpg

Identity can be your job, your faith, your nationality, etc. In this particular concept, I wanted 'identity' to tell a story. A story that revealed something deeper, something bigger. Through the presentation style of a campaign advertisement, I hope to trigger a self-check. Do you know who you are? If so, who are you? From that response, are you confident to say that #THISISWHOIAM. The identifications given below simply touch the gamut of endless possibilities. Feel free to mentally join the lists with who you are or even wish to be. The design approach was a desire to combine the organic nature of lettering to the more synthetic beauty of digital type and shapes. Which mirrors a person's identity as one who grows and flourishes in the process. 

Art Direction, Photography, & Design by: Andrea Cenon
Models (In order of Appearance):  Hector Gonzalez, Joe Palacios, Lauren Marcia, Chloe Koth, David Burns, Emily Yang, Steve Canciani, and Eugene Chang.