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Currently at adidas.


Andrea Cenon

From the land of green juice and gangster rap...LA immigrated and raised. If you’re real one you’d ask where, and I’d tell you Pasadena. And as an even realer one, I’d add LA *county*. But, if you want to find me now, I’d call you a stalker. If you’re just a curious non-stalker, I’m happy to announce that I live in Portland, Oregon.

Currently, designing for adidas.

I tell stories, create worlds, and experiences through design and creative thinking. I work with elements such as imagery, lettering, typography, color, motion, words, human will, joy, illustrations, etc.

If you want a title, I’d tell you to not box me in! Then, I’d relax and say visual communicator + creative thinker.

With that said, let’s work together! Do you have an idea? Do you have a song recommendation? How did you find me? What is the meaning of life? Is Portland as White as they say? Wait, what’s happening?

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