Be, defined—

"Be" is a powerful little word. It sets foundations, directs, and forms. "Be" explores the definition of the word. This campaign focuses on movement with typography and imagery to help further define "be." 



Visually the 'B' and 'E' have great typographic chemistry, think Ross and Rachel, just the right amount of contrast and symmetry. The curves of the 'B' and the sharp edges of the 'E,' hello one true pairing.

It is presented in a campaign-esque approach with elements like a logo, color choices, posters, photography, GIFS, etc. Imagine it as a recap to a campaign that never happened. The concept was to define the word and let the definitions be represented throughout the campaign. Be, a verb, demonstrates movement which is translated in the warped type, GIFs, texture, and non-linear photography. However, it can also be defined with a sense of stillness which is captured through the non-warped typed, geometric shapes, and still shots. 

To note, "Be" is initially inspired by the breakdown of Psalm 46:10, "Be Still and Know that I am God." As well as, my broken necklace that was purchased as 'B I E N,' but broke in to 'B E.'  

Design & Photography by Andrea Cenon
Models: Ciara Perez, Shawn Tep, Lauren Marcia, and Monique Hadley